think differently, make the difference
much more than a slogan it’s how we think and it’s at the heart of our mission.

The Mission
Nature Conservation

In 2015, when our twins were just five years old, the dream of owning an African Safari home came true. Kubili which means “two” or “twins” was named after our young twins Leo and Tess. However, early in the project, it became clear that, if nothing was done to preserve the wildlife, it might not be around for the future generation to enjoy.

From that moment on, nature conservation became our mission. Our purpose is to make a difference.

The Reality

It is no secret that poaching of rare species continues to grow at an alarming rate, largely driven by the harsh economic realities of living in Africa.

What remains unknown is that most poaching incidents start with animal location intelligence provided by people working inside game reserves and national parks lodges.

It is clear that poverty and money incentives are at the heart of the poaching and illegal hunting problem. We would like to be part of the solution.

The Solution
Hospitality included

We believe it is possible to change the poaching and illegal hunting dynamic, and show them that rhinos and elephants are worth more alive than dead. However, it is hard to worry about animals and nature when you have nothing to feed your family.

Hospitality Included at Kubili House means that we will have a no tipping policy. Instead 10% of our published gross rate will be pooled and shared equally amongst our employees.

This wealth affect will change the lives of our employees and will make sure that your stay with us will be exceptional. We guarantee it.

More importantly it will also remove the incentive to provide animal location intelligence.


When you visit Kubili house you will find that the “think differently, make the difference” ethos is woven into everything we do. From the design of the house, to the culinary and game viewing experience and to how we treat the people working for us; it’s different.




Kubili House is a 26900 ft 2 private residence set within Thornybush Game Reserve, in the Limpopo province of South Africa, part of the Greater Kruger National Park. What we offer is a Safari Lifestyle and not just the experience. The house includes 5 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools, a spa and steam room, a private game viewer and 3 fully equipped camping vehicles. The house is directly situated on the bank of the largest dam in the reserve which is the main watering hole in the north of the reserve, providing a consistent flow of animal activity viewable from any of the many decks. Game drives accompanied by a personal field guide and tracker are available at any time. Our style is discreet and tailored specifically to guest requirements.

“What we offer is a Safari Lifestyle - not just an Experience – we encourage longer stays”


All services are customized according to each guest requirements, basic services include.


An in-house concierge consultant is on hand 24/7 to look after your every need, from daily itineraries and activities, travel arrangements including flight bookings, additional staff personnel, event organizing and specific requests and requirements.


A Private chef and sous chef are included in your stay and will design your daily menus according to your preferences.


A discreet housekeeping service takes place 3 times daily.


An array of activities is included in your stay including Game drives, Camping, 4x4 adventures, Craft workshops, Archery and Wellness programs designed to each individual guest. Our concierge will happily put together an individualized program with emphasis on flexibility should the guest change their mind at any point.


Reservations & Rates


Lodge Reservations: Natalie Sokolich

Sales: Kim Beyers

USA Representatives: Shawn Rettstatt

Travel Services

Through our network of tried and tested travel agents, we offer a full service travel solution. We understand that when travelling to Africa you might be interested in visiting some other beautiful places. Our team are standing by to offer you a truly customized vacation plan.

Tina Rennie

Location & Map

Kubili House Map location


Our Business

The owners Julian & Aida Koski invest in leisure properties around the world that have at its heart a social importance. We want to invest in businesses that give back, rather than charity.

We believe its no longer about being “green” or “eco” it's much much more. It's about using tourism dollars to fundamentally change the economic lives of the people that work for us.

Aligning the interests of owners, tourists and employees will hopefully guarantee the existence of natural resources for generations to come.

We believe this is the key to sustaining our natural resources.

Our Guarantee

If you decide to come and stay with us you will have an exceptional experience, if you don’t like it you don’t pay *, it’s that simple. A guarantee made possible by our hospitality included policy.

think differently, not just words but a commitment to making a difference.

*subject to terms and conditons

Our Information

Lodge Manager: Tina Rennie

Contact Kubili House
+27 (71) 591-9022

General information:


Kubili House address
Thornybush Game Reserve,
Hoedspruit Limpopo 1380

P.O Box
Postnet Suite 71 Hoedspruit 1380

VALID : 01 MARCH 2019 - 31 DECEMBER 2020


4 nights at Kubili Private Residence and Tswalu Tarkuni Homestead.


A complimentary private charter between the two properties.
(Thornybush to Tswalu, or viceversa)